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Valentine's Day Event - started February 14, 2019 and ended February 28, 2019.

Valentine's Day Event item list....

heartfelt Sweater

Swan Lake


Rose Arch

Heartfelt Boots

Heartfelt Wig

Candlelit Dinner

Rose Book

Heartfelt Headband

Torn Love Letters

Heartfelt Belt

Heartfelt Songs

Heartfelt Jacket

Heartfelt Suspenders

Blue Sorry Candy Heart

Red Sorry Candy Heart

Orange Sorry Candy Heart

Green Sorry Candy Heart

Purple Sorry Candy Heart

St Patrick's Day Event - started March 17, 2019 and ended March 31, 2019.

St Patrick's Day Event item list....

Clover Stockings

Rainbow Gloves

Straight Bob Cut Wig

Irish Curls Wig

Rainbow Skirt

Leprechaun Pants

St Patrick Skirt

Rainbow Sloped Sweater

Sloped Sweater

Clover Sweater

Casual Sleeve Top

Bpw Shawl

Bow Boots

Pot of Gold Secrets

Luck of the Irish

Golden Horseshoe

Lucky Gold Clover

Clover Tales

Clover Stamp

Clover Glowing Egg

Clover Balloon

Mushroom Patch

Mushroom Garden Pearl

Lucky Cookie

Easter Bunny Visit - appeared in Marada on April 16, 2019.

NEW 2019 Easter Bunny items....

Eau de Carrot

Carrot Stamp

Easter Bunny Bobble Head

Easter Egg Hunt - began April 19, 2019 and ended June 30, 2019.

Easter Egg list....

Pongin Easter Egg

Anlur Easter Egg

Baylien Easter Egg

Boogle Easter Egg

Broken Easter Egg

Bullo Easter Egg

Buzzy Easter Egg

Capone Easter Egg

Chidder Easter Egg

Daniel Easter Egg

Devilray Easter Egg

Drab Easter Egg

Dune Easter Egg

Durabat Easter Egg

Efall Easter Egg

Egbert Easter Egg

Flobberbat Easter Egg

Floof Easter Egg

Flurso Easter Egg

Foxicle Easter Egg

Fritzi Easter Egg

Frump Easter Egg

Fynx Easter Egg

Gleam Easter Egg

Goop Easter Egg

Gruff Easter Egg

Happilo Easter Egg

High Easter Egg

Hulau Easter Egg

Inferno Easter Egg

Lambit Easter Egg

Mort Easter Egg

Popo Easter Egg

Pudine Easter Egg

Shea Easter Egg

Tefty Easter Egg

Tisha Easter Egg

Toadling Easter Egg

Torall Easter Egg

Tyras Easter Egg

Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

All Ears

Baby Doll Top

Bitten Chocolate Book

Blue Bunny Jelly Bean

Bouquet of Carrots

Bow Tank Top

Bunny Beanie

Bunny Ears Pearl

Bunny Jacket


Comfy Crop Sweater

Cute Bangs Hair Extension

Dark Chocolate Carrot

Easter Curls Wig

Easter Egg Cookie

Easter Shorts

Floral Hoodie

Floral Overalls

Floral Print Glowing Egg

Floral Skirt

Floral Stockings

Floral Top

Flower Belt

Fried Eggs Stamp

Giant Bow

Green Bunny Easter Egg

Knit Top

Lucky Feet Beats

Milk Chocolate Carrot

Orange Chocolate Carrot

Pink Bunny Jelly Bean

Pink Bunny Plushie

Purple Bunny Jelly Bean

Purple Bunny Plushie

Red Bunny Jelly Bean

Sindi Foot

Spring Basket

Striped Overalls

Tulip Garden

White Chocolate Carrot

Band Camp Event - started June 1, 2019.

Band Camp Event Items

Band Camp Event item list....

Band Camp Clarinet

Band Camp Cymbals

Band Camp Drum

Band Camp Electric Guitar

Band Camp Flute

Band Camp Guitar

Band Camp Keyboard

Band Camp Lute

Band Cmap Maracas

Band Camp Recorder

Band Camp Saxophone

Band Camp Triangle

Band Camp Trumpet

Band Camp Tuba

Band Camp Violin

Bronze Band Camp Guitar

Gold Bank Camp Guitar

Silver Band Camp Guitar

Elegant Band Camp Cymbals

Elegant Band Camp Tambourine

Blue Gummy Music Note

Green Gummy Music Note

Purple Gummy Music Note

Green Gummy Music Note

Yellow Gummy Music Note

Giant Blue Gummy Music Note

Giant Green Gummy Music Note

Giant Purple Gummy Music Note

Giant Red Gummy Music Note

Giant Yellow Gummy Music Note

Music Note Cupcake

Musical Cupcake

Musical Cookie

Brass Marching Band Playlist

Clarinet Marching Band Playlist

Drum Marching Band Playlist

Flute Marching Band Playlist

Marching Band Playlist

Recorder Marching Band Playlist

Saxophone Marching Band Playlist

Tambourine Marching Band Playlist

Marching Band Boy Doll

Marching Band Girl Doll

Music Note Balloon

Music Note Pillow

Marching Band Poster

Stadium Solo

Sheet Music

Book of Sheet Music

Marching Band Brochure

Marching Band Glowing Egg

Music Note Glowing Egg

Marching Band Pearl

Marching Band Stamp

Casual Scarf


Drum Set Necklace

Gradient Scarf

Left Glove

Right Glove

Lush Wig

Marching Band Corset Skirt

Marching Band Cuffs

Marching Band Jacket

Marching Band Shorts

Marching Band Top

Musical Belt

Shoulder Sash

Simple Comb Over wig

Swoop Bangs Hair Extension

Band Camp Event Results

Band Camp Event prizes....

Black Note Shirt

Black Note Tank Top

White Note Shirt

White Note Tank Top

Musical Socks

Band Conductor Baton

Marching Band Ice Cream

Marching Band Burger